Scandinavian Mid-Summer Fest in Rockport, Saturday, June 21st


Strawberries and cream, Swedish meatballs, fresh baked Nisu, and a dance around the Maypole.  That along with many other authentic Scandinavian treats – Bill Holmes’ homemade sausages? – will be offered at the Mid-Summer Festival June 21st at Harvey Park in Rockport.  There will certainly be good coffee to go with all that Nisu.

Spiran Lodge #98, the local order of Vasa, a national Scandinavian organization, was founded in 1906 by altruistic Rockport Swedes as a “sick and death” benefit society.  In its nascence the organization was protectively Swedish.  In 1949 the organization changed the language in which they did business from Swedish to English, making it easier for younger Swedes to participate.  Today, anxious again for people to learn and continue these fading traditions, Vasa is welcoming new members, any nationality.  I’m hoping to be a new member next fall.

Look for the Dala Horse in the park on June 21st!


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