About this Blog

This blog is where all my interests funnel into 3 categories:

Stories Served Here.

Everyone loves the stories behind recipes, how a recipe evolved and why, who was the grandmother or grandfather behind the recipe, what a recipe might say about who we are. That interest is now a section of this blog entitled "Stories Served Here." You might even see some video.


Living on Cape Ann in a house that looks over a body of water named Folly Cove, writing from a desk with a long view across Ipswich Bay, I cannot ignore fish. I write a food column in our local paper. I buy fish to cook twice a week. It is impossible not to ask why there are almost no local fish in my fish market. Because the answer is so complicated, because the issues that press upon today s fishing industry - mostly the problem of consolidation and privatization - threaten small industry across the world, fish get a subtitle of their own on this blog. I urge anyone landing here to read the opening essay, "It Takes A Fish To Save A Village." That says everything about why we need , more than ever, to purchase ONLY local fish. If it came from the back of some guy s truck and it smelled fresh, buy it. You re supporting a local fishermen and NOT a Multi-National Un-traceable Corporate fish farm secreting their product through countries who disregard hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives in the fish. There will be fish stories here, fish politics, fish lessons, and great recipes.

Dish, etc.

This is the place simply for great recipes, and sometimes recipes from great friends.