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The winter weather may prevent us from performing our outdoor tasks. One of such duties is lawn care. No one wants to stand outside exposed to the extremes of the elements. I am referring to the cold, wet, windy, or snowy weather.

Staying indoors, where it’s warm during spring, seems like the logical option. However, there are lots of landscape and lawn duties to tend to. Nature seems to spring into action as it anticipates the warm summer climate.

Briefly highlighted are lawn care tips on what to carry out this spring:

Clean the Leaves

You might have done some cleaning on your leaves during the fall, especially during winter. At this point, more leaves get blown at the lawn and are collected under bushes or in corners. As soon as the snow melts, those leaves will still be present.

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At this point, it’s logical to have them removed immediately. Move around your yard picking them out carefully. Rotting leaves leave a mess in your lawn if gone to stay for too long.

Get Rid of Ticks and Fleas

Many assume during winter that there are hardly any ticks, fleas, or crawling insects. Nothing can be further from the truth given most winters aren’t cold enough to interfere with the life cycles of these insects. To break off this life cycle, your yard will need spraying.

Use Pre-Emerge Herbicides for Weeds

Sometimes, the pre-emergent herbicides are referred to as crabgrass preventers. Such herbicides need to be applied early, preferably before April. They block the germinating weeds from popping off the ground. This creates a barrier atop your lawn, which kills such plants as soon as the impact is made. It gets hard killing crabgrass as soon as it takes root.

The Fertilizer Feast

Spring can be likened to the morning glow in the yard. Remember, your yard has been in slumber all winter long. As soon as it wakes up, it is hungry for consumption. This is the perfect moment to apply fertilizers on the grass to promote the plants to wake up to the sumptuous feast.

Seed and Bare Spots

Some areas that have been abused too much will leave behind some patches. The areas might arise from human traffic or spills of harmful chemicals. This is the perfect time to sow seeds and let them blossom into green, healthy summer vegetation.

Sharpen Your Mower Blades

Take time to ensure that your lawn mower remains tuned up and ready to power up for the next year. An excellent way to begin this is by sharpening its cutting blades.


Your lawn mower might experience real abuse over the mowing season resulting in dull blades. Splintered glass blades are conducive for attracting diseases. If you do not understand how to do this, then get in touch with lawn care services.

Have Lawn Care Programs Set Up

Lawn care begins as early as February. The first weeding and control-treatment start in early spring. If you are going to involve the services of a lawn care company, ensure that you get the right team for the job. Take your time to conduct due diligence online and arrive at the best service.